Problems with Service Pack 2? Here`s the Solution!   [2005-03-08]

This patch solves the problem with Neighbours 2 and Windows XP Service Pack 2:

Download Patch (7 MB)

Winner cartoon   [2004-10-04]

The user "webpower", well-known member of the JoWooD board community, won our comic / cartoon contest. Here`s his entry:

Cartoon 1

Cartoon 2

Cartoon 3

ENGLISCH DEMO   [2004-04-27]


New Trailer   [2004-04-26]

(ca. 30 MB)

[DivX Codec 4 or higher required]

First official wallpaper online!   [2004-02-19]

Download 'Neighbors from Hell' as a desktop background for your PC!

1024x768    800x600